A special day commemorated in Amsterdam

Martyna Kokotkiewicz,  15th November

The 12th of November marks an important anniversary, celebrated by the Uyghur diaspora all over the world. The day of establishment of the First Islamic Republic of East Turkestan (12th November 1933) and, at the same time, the Second Republic of East Turkestan (12th November 1944) every year provides an excellent opportunity to the Uyghurs in exile to bring attention to their cause. Despite the Covid19 pandemic the anniversary was celebrated also this year and Amsterdam was among the places where one of the most splendid events took place.

Abdurehim Gheni in amsterdan 11-14-2020

The event, which central point was the raising of East Turkestan flag at the Dam Square, was organised on Saturday 14th of November. There were key members of the region’s Uyghur diaspora present, including Abdurehim Gheni, who helds a peaceful one-man protest at the Dam Square almost every weekend. He was the one chosen to conduct the day’s most symbolical act of raising the white-blue flag in the heart of this beautiful, European city. The commemoration of those important events that took place in Kashgar and Ghulja in 1933 and 1944 has great importance for the nation persecuted by the Chinese oppressors. This is the way they show respect to their ancestors that fought for an independent country, as well as the way to keep morale of the present generations struggling for the restoration of that independence.

Uyghurs in Amsterdam 11-14-2020

There were speeches, banners, posters and a sea of white-blue flags. Many many efforts have been constantly being put into awarenss spreading actions in different parts of the world to end the nightmare going on in, as the Chinese regime like to call it, Xinjiang. However, even if the sea of white-blue flags is growing, most countries still tend to ignore it. The longer this takes, the longer another quickly growing issue will become, namely, the list of the disappeared relatives of people like Abdurehim Gheni and many many others. This process must be stopped before there is no one left for whom we can raise the flag next time.