A Statement or Threat to Democracy?

A response to a joint statement of Netherlands’ 54 Chinese organizations against Netherlands parliament resolution of recognizing Uyghur genocide

Amid the ever-developing international outcry and condemnation of Uyghur genocide by the ruthless Chinese communist regime in the 21st century, more and more nations begin to realize the severity of heinous Chinese genocide against Uyghurs, against humanity and democracy.  As one of the fiercest defenders of freedom and democracy in the world, Netherlands parliament has officially recognized China’s crime in East Turkistan as genocide. In this regard, we (Uyghurs) are most grateful to Netherlands government and its people.

Even though the ironclad evidence of the genocide has been presented by countless witnesses and survivors of concentration camps, by China’s own leaked documents, and including my personal experiences of losing contacts with more than 19 family members for three plus years, and many of whom sentenced to long term imprisonments without any jurisdiction and criminal evidence, 54 Chinese organizations based in Netherlands published a statement against Netherlands Parliamentary Resolution of recognition the genocide. Obviously, the individual Chinese represented by the statement have been living and receiving support from Netherlands, a democratic country, however, the communistic ideology instilled since their childhood make them accomplice with the ruthless policy of Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Statements like this should be taken seriously as threats to the free world and democracy. The statement is no doubt a clear proof that the most Chinese living abroad support the totalitarian regime, its unjust policy and even genocide. I sincerely hope they rectify their shameful act.


I do hope that the democratic nations like Netherlands stand firm to defend justice and stand with Uyghurs to stop the genocide and bring justice and human rights to Uyghurs in East Turkistan.