Abdurehim Gheni’s speech: Human Rights Day, Dam Square, Amsterdam

Stichting Support Uyghurs

Abdurehim Gheni’s (Founder of Stichting Support Uyghurs) speech: Human Rights Day, Dam Square, Amsterdam Dec10, 2022

We are here today at Dam Square to celebrate a most important day in the history of human rights. 74 years ago December 10th, 1948, a miracle document was adopted  by the United Nations: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Most countries of the world have agreed to it.

It says: “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”

Its slogan for this year: “Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for All.”

And here today are Uyghurs, Tibetans, South Mongolians, and others (Hong Kong) whose human rights do not exist in occupied East Turkestan, Tibet, and other regions in China.

If the Human Rights are universal and absolute:

Then why? Why is there a need for thousands (1,000’s) of human rights organizations costing over $15 billion dollars US a year to fight for what the Declaration states as absolute human rights?

Then why? Why after 74 years is there genocide in occupied  East Turkestan against the Uyghurs and others? 

Where in the Declaration does it allow: Government terrorism; Millions in Concentration Camps; Organ Harvesting; Torture; Rape; Forced Marriages; Children taken; Families destroyed

EVERY Article of the Declaration (UDHR), all 30, are violated by the Chinese authorities. Pick any one. Result: Genocide.

Then why, with the Declaration, has the genocide in occupied East Turkestan not been stopped? Why did the genocide even start?

Why do I come here every week and protest? A one-man protest.

This is personal. 19 family members are missing; more than 5 years not knowing if any are alive or dead, imprisoned, or suffered any atrocities. Many friends are missing. The evidence of the atrocities is unquestionable and unbearable. My family is the evidence for China’s genocide against Uyghurs.

I personally experience the receiving end of government sanctioned genocide.

I experience the fear and helplessness under such tyranny.

I see the lack of concrete results in the many human rights efforts by organizations and governments despite the Declaration.

So – I fight on as one man can.

And I – We — call for the world to condemn and impose sanctions and punishment on the Chinese government so that the Uyghur genocide today will not be our legacy, and so the Universal Declaration of Human Rights  would really be a miracle document.

Thank you very much for your attention on behalf of the “ Stichting Support Uyghurs “

Data: 10-12-2022