Abdurehim Gheni’s speech on the commemoration of the East Turkestan Republic Day in Amsterdam Dam Square

Abdurehim Gheni , 14-11-2020

Today we are commemorating our modern Independence Day, the day we established independent East Turkistan Republic in Kashgar and Ghulja on 12th of November 1933 and 1944, respectively. this is the date that Uyghurs demonstrated their determination for independence. This is the day that Uyghur Nation showed their desire for democracy, this is the day that thousands of lives sacrificed themselves for independent East Turkestan. this is the day that has been commemorated with great honor to memorize our ancestors, because this is the symbolic day of Uyghur Independence and the day of setting spiritual pillars for Uyghurs. It is the obligation of every Uyghur to remember and succeed the great spirit of our ancestors.

Abdurehim Gheni
Although great sacrifices made and thousands of lives lost for independent modern East Turkestan Republic, without other nations support and with direct interference and conspiracy of former communist Soviet Union, East Turkestan was invaded by China’s Red Army and colonized on 22nd of December 1949.

East Turkestan National day in Amsterdam.

East Turkestan National day in Amsterdam.

Although Chinese rulers has applied various means of assimilation policies since the occupation, they have failed in front of indomitable spirit of Uyghur nation. However, the desperate Chinese government showed their true evil face and built up concentration camps to exterminate the whole Uyghur nation, where millions of Uyghurs are detained, humiliated, tortured, murdered, forced to deny their beliefs, cultures and Uyghur identity. In short, an open genocide targeting Uyghurs is being committed in East Turkistan. We are the descendants of a great nation that forced Chinese to build the Great Wall for their defense. We are the descendants of a great nation that has never been enslaved. We are descendants of a nation who lived independently and freely until we have faced unprecedented genocide and become the target of hideous crimes of Chinese. We have resolution for regaining our independence and we will fight for it until we are fully independent. It depends on our consistent sacrifice and endeavor. We have confidence that we will gain our independence, because we are the descendants of the braves, most righteous, must just and democratic nation. Long live the Eat Turkestan independence!