Support Uyghurs are a voluntary group bringing awareness towards the Uyghur holocaust in Xin Jiang, China.

We are currently based in The Netherlands, but hope to expand our work to other nations across the European Union. The Uyghur people need your help.

How can you support the Uyghurs?

You can help bring an end to the Uyghur holocaust, through any of the following steps:

    • Utilise your social network platforms, to raise awareness amongst the people you know.
    • Boycott Chinese products, and boycott product manufactured using labour camps.
    • Publicise about the Uyghur genocide in your own language.
    • Write to your (local) government by mentioning the Uyghur Human Rights Violations.
    • Make video’s or written articles on the Uyghur genocide.
    • Organise activities (art galleries, conferences, panels) that introduce violations over Uyghur Human Rights and Uyghur distinct cultures.
    • Use your occupational skills or specialities like drawing, singing illustrating the plight of the Uyghur people.
    • Donate so we can continue with protests and activities.

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