Activist Abdurehim Gheni has been threatened with death on social media

Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur

Since June 23rd, 2018, my protest agaisnt Chinese genocide over Uyghurs has provided tourists information about China’s genocide over my nation, Uyghur people, and this has brought about huge concern from people around world to Amesterdam as well as considerable attention on internet. Through protest, I have known and communivcated large number of people who advocate human rights, religious freedom. Same time, more than 30 various groups invited me their groups and asked me sharing my experiences, my activities, my posters and videos. So that a strong atmosphere to continue my protest exposing Chinese crimes .has been created

However, as my protest drawing rising public awereness, Chinese threat and hatred towards what I have been doing increased. Many time, I confronted Chinese humiliation inluding spitting, revilers and even death threats on my face by saying < you have been doing against Great China, I will kill you>. İ have noticed Chinese spys around my house and the place I carry on my protest. A couple caused affray during my protest on June 3rd, 2019. I posted this video clip on Facebook and Twitter. On 14th, February, Independant US Chinese Students Association issued a statement that they had been concerning the insults, attacks and threats by Communist students to Uyghur and Tibet activists at US Dock University, Ireland Dublin University, Canadian Macmaster University, University of Toronto, Franch Stirasburg University, Dam Square of Amsterdam. The association also claimed that these communist students had been trying to conceal the fact of Uyghur genocide inside China by attacking these activists and they would condemn these kind of acts. They also asked governments around world should protect Uyghur and Tibet activists and investigate related threats and links between these communist students’ attacks with Chinese government.

İ reported this to Bureau of domestic affairs of Netherlands and police and asked them to protect my safety and, in accordance, police officers have provided protection at Dam Scqure since then.

However, since Chinese Virus outbreak, as I have not been able to protest at Dam Square, I make greater efforts to publicize and expand social impact of Chinese crimes on internet. When I posted the video about Wuhan Virus from Italian Politition Maurizio Gasparrio, many viewers gave feedback and, of course, a Chinese comment clearly stated a death threat. On the day of Doppa Cultural Festival on 5th, May, I posted an images with a statement which explains the Doppa is traditional cap of Uyghur people which have been prohibited wearing in East Turkestan and I am eager to wear it every time when I protest, and many tourists sympathize Chinese atrocities over Uyghur people and support Uyghur people through my Doppa and my posters illustrating Chinese hideous crimes. Understandably, some Chinese sent me text messages and said that I was separatist and they would kill me. I have not been scared. On the contrary, I was happy for that my activities had the desired effect. Of course, I reported this to police to prevent any mishaps.

Even though, whole world once promised they would prevent anything from happening like Jewish massacre in concentration camps during WW2, but it comes back in China and Uyghurs are targeted. China has been carrying out Physical and Cultural genocide over Uyghurs. I expose this massacre with the help of my posters illustrating Chinese crimes and raise awareness of this ongoing genocide and expose the true, evil face of China. These death threats are not able to stop my activities. People fighting for justice and freedom face death constantly. Their spirits of fighting for freedom deserve to be cherished. I will never bow down to china’s atrocity on my way to fight for freedom and independence for my beloved nation.

Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur

Source: It’s a statement issued by The Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in USA (IFCSS) on Chinese international student’s harrassment on Uyghurs and Tibetan.