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Received news about his family, not of the kind he had expected though.

China embassy

Written by Martyna Kokotkiewicz Abdurehim Gheni is an Uyghur activist currently living in the Netherlands. As many other Uyghurs in the world he has not managed to contact many of his relatives for years. In his case it is as much as 19 people. As it comes to several of them, he does not even

I would like to express my gratitude to the delegates of those countries who condemn Chinese genocide against Uyghurs


I would like to express my gratitude to the delegates of those countries who condemn Chinese genocide against Uyghurs Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur October 06,  this year 39 countries led by democratic western nations condemned Chinese oppression over Uyghurs. They responded this unprecedented genocide with righteousness. They rejected economic benefits and support the justice. As an

Darkest day for Uyghurs, but National Day for Chinese

still no info uyghur

71 years ago today, the bloody new phase of evil Chinese regime started when fascist communist party came into power. It’s also the darkest day for Uyghurs , Tibetans, Mongols as it’s the beginning of being colonized and being assimilated by China’s tyrannies. Today, in 21st century, the tragedy of Jewish people subjected and Never

See world reaction towards Uyghur genocide: from a perspective of Disney’s latest movie

It is common knowledge that concentration camps and open genocide appeared again in East Turkestan (aka Xinjiang) and mainly Uyghurs and other Turkic people have been targeted since Jewish genocide during the World War 2. And yet, many nations and enterprises have been turning blind eyes on this hideous crime. One recent example of world

A phone call awaited for 6 years

where is my family members

Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur My name is Abdurehim Gheni, an Uyghur-Dutch activist. After protesting in front of China’s Embassy on 4th September as usual , I was driving home with one of my Dutch supporters. Since 3 years ago, due to I lost contact with my 19 family members, I started a persistent, solo-protest against brutal

Why was I arrested and fined? Chinese government is the chief culprit

abdurehim gheni arrested

My name is Abdurehim Gheni, a Dutch citizen. I live in the Netherlands with my wife and three children. I have not seen or spoken with 19 of my relatives since May 23rd, 2017.  2017 was a significant year for Uyghurs, as this was when Chinese discrimination towards ethnic minorities were amplified. Had I stayed

The letter I tried to deliver to the Chinese embassy when I was arrested


The letter I tried to deliver to the Chinese embassy when I was arrested. To China’s Consulate in Netherlands: My name is Abdurehim Gheni, I am Dutch citizen. I am from East Turkestan, an occupied country by your government. I am writing to you as I have not spoken or heard anything from 19 of

I will be protesting in front of Chinese Consulate in Den Haag, the Netherlands


My name is Abdurehim Gheni, I’m from an area known as East Turkestan (aka Xinjiang). As a person working in news you most certainly have heard about the Uyghur genocide that’s currently happening in East Turkestan. Like many of peers, I have not spoken or heard from 19 of my relatives in three years from

Eid or Agony?

about chinese government statement

Eid or Agony? Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur Tomorrow is holly Kurban Eid for all Muslims, but Uyghurs . In contrast to every Muslim celebrates Eid with their parents , relatives and friends, Uyghurs are not even able to talk to their beloved ones and, also, not allowed practicing basic rights of performing payer. Thousands and thousands

Never forget the Urumqi massacre

urumqi massacre

11 years ago today 05-07-2009, thousands of university students went on streets for peaceful demonstration after dozens of Uyghur workers were brutally killed by hundreds of thousands of Chinese and bodies were piled up in Shaoguan, Guangdong, China. It turned out to be a bloodbath, Chinese armed forces and army killed thousands of teenagers brutally

Never forget Shaoguan Massacre Over Uyghurs

xiaoguan uyghur killing

Never forget Shaoguan Massacre Over Uyghurs The Shaoguan massacre took place overnight on 25/26 June 2009 in Guangdong province, China. Hundreds of Uyghur slave laborers work at a toy factory were violently attacked by thousands of Han workers over false allegation. Even though official report says two Uyghurs were dead and hundreds more injured after

Memory of great Uyghur patriot and revolutionist: Muhammad Amin Bughra

Muhammad Amin Bughra

  By Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur First Section. Today is the 55-year anniversary of Muhammad Amin Bughra on his account passing away, a well-known Uyghur revolutionist, politician and the one who dedicated his whole life for regaining the independence of East Turkestan. On this regard, I commemorate this great revolutionist solemnly. Muhammad Amin Bughra was born

The educationalist who was burned to death: Memtili Tewpiq

Mr. Memtili

Today is May 30th 2020, 83th anniversary of Uyghur modern educationalist, poet, compositor Memtili Tewpiq burning to death. On this regard, I mourn for this great Uyghur scholar with all due respect and grief. He was born in Buyamet village, Atush. His father was well-known Uyghur traditional physician and his family attached high importance to

Activist Abdurehim Gheni has been threatened with death on social media

Since June 23rd, 2018, my protest agaisnt Chinese genocide over Uyghurs has provided tourists information about China’s genocide over my nation, Uyghur people, and this has brought about huge concern from people around world to Amesterdam as well as considerable attention on internet. Through protest, I have known and communivcated large number of people who

Cherish the memory of Osman Batur

osman batur

Cherish the memory of Osman Batur Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur Today is the 69th anniversary of execution of Osman Batur who had spent whole life fighting against Chinese invaders. I always cherish the memory of this national hero. Osman Batur was born in Altay Municipal, East Turkestan in 1899. He was 6 feet tall and robust

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