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Genocide of the Uyghurs in western part of china

XInjiang (East Turkistan)

This article was officially published by WORLD WITHOUT GENOCIDE you can read original source by this link The Xinjiang region in Western China is home to one of the largest scale systematic oppressions of human rights seen in the 21st century. Throughout the region, the Uyghurs, a Muslim Turkic minority, are subject to restricted religious

China accused of genocide over forced abortions of Uighur Muslim women as escapees reveal widespread sexual torture

Gulzira Auelkhan

This article was originally published by Amie Ferris-Rotman , Aigerim Toleukhan@aygeryma, Emily Rauhala, Anna Fifield Sunday 6 October 2019 on The independent Magazine. The women have found refuge from Chinese authorities across the border in Kazakhstan, their ancestral homeland. But they remain haunted by the stories of abuse they carry with them. Some said they

High-tech genocides: From the Jews to the Uyghurs

concentration camps

This article was originally published by Ellen J. Kennedy in 08/07/2019. If you want reach original source please follow on this link. The Holocaust was a 1940s high-tech genocide. Nazi leadership mobilized German scientists, doctors, engineers, and business experts to research and implement the most efficient strategies to prevent and destroy life. It took great

Never forget the Urumqi massacre

Urumqi massacre

11 years ago today 05-07-2009, thousands of university students went on streets for peaceful demonstration after dozens of Uyghur workers were brutally killed by hundreds of thousands of Chinese and bodies were piled up in Shaoguan, Guangdong, China. It turned out to be a bloodbath, Chinese armed forces and army killed thousands of teenagers brutally

Don’t forget Yarkent massacre

urumqi July 5

Today is the 6 years anniversary of Chinese massacre in Elishku and Hangdi villages, Yakent ( shache), on 28th July, 2014. Yarkent ( shache) was capital of Sayidi Khakanate (1514-1694) which culture, economy and education were highly developed. On the eve of holly Ramadan Eid, 28th July, 2014, Chinese armed police broke in a hall

The Uyghur kids needs our support

separated uyghur kids

Since march 2017 millions of Uyghurs were forcefully and without any legal charges held and send to the concentration camps. while they were jailed and being tortured in the concentration camps the kids left at home under elementary school age also were taken to the orphanage schools for educating and raising them as Han chines.

stop genocide against the Uyghurs

concentration camps and uyghurs being held there

genocide in East Turkistan against uyghurs by CCP and his Chines supporters

Close the Concentration Camps

concentration camps and uyghurs

After when the first time the concentration camps was emerged on the different news and social medias the peole around the world starts to realize that yes there is a huge and mass amounts of concentration camps is existed in far west part of china. Yet it has been already three years past but no

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