Cherish the memory of Osman Batur

Cherish the memory of Osman Batur

Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur

Today is the 69th anniversary of execution of Osman Batur who had spent whole life fighting against Chinese invaders. I always cherish the memory of this national hero.

Osman Batur was born in Altay Municipal, East Turkestan in 1899. He was 6 feet tall and robust man.
In April, 1940, although all personal guns were confiscated thoroughly and Kazakh people complied with orders of Xing Xicai, but Xing Xicai arrested and killed the Xiripkhan Tore , the regional leader, with the excuse of disobeying orders. With furies, Osman Islam, later on nicknamed Osman Batur, started to fight against Chinese invaders and later on became national hero.
After falling out, Stalin plotted to crush Xing Xicai and send Mongolian president Qoybalsan to East Turkestan to arm Insurgents led by Osman Batur.
On 16 May, 1943, Salin’s plot to finish Xing Xicai rule in East Turkestan become national strategy. On 22 June, 1943, insurgents of Altay held a meeting at Bulhun and elected Osman Batur as their Khan.
With the direct help of Soviet Union and Mongolia, Osman Batur controlled whole Altay municipal by the end of 1945.
In September, they annihilated 3000 Chinese army at Sarsumbe and, same year, East Turkestan Army met with Osman Batur’s army and joined as East Turkestan liberation army.
But after signing an unequal treaty with pressure of Stalin in 1946, Soviet Union successfully turn East Turkestan Army and Osman Batur’s Army against each other.

After Stalin allied with Red China and promised to help Communist parties’ invasion to East Turkestan, Communist Army armed with sophisticated Soviet Union weaponries invaded and occupied East Turkestan although East Turkestan Army joined with Osman Batur’s Army and fought against Red army. Resistance to invasion had been carried on Koknur, but, however, for not having any aid, Yolwas and thousands soldiers retreated to India through Tibet.
Osman Batur was captured in 1952 and hanged with acquisition of <against Communism > in Urumqi on 29th April in the same year. Later on his cadaver was taken back to Altay and berried his hometown, Koktukai. In 1990s, Xiriphan Tore was also re-berried in Altay from Xamalbagh , Urumqi.
But cadavers of Uyghur leaders, Huja Niyaz Haji and Sabit Damollah, were not able returned to their hometowns for various reasons.
In 2008, a group of <unknown> people robbed the tombs of 5 most famous Uyghur leaders and took their remains to somewhere else. Immediately after the cemetery was robbed, a Tangritagh Police Station was erected on the very spot of cemetery. So that, the famous spiritual cemetery became history.
This is a history full of profound, original and changing insights and deserves a deep thoughts. This history tells us the fact that only independent East Turkestan can guarantee lives and corpses of Uyghurs.

Spirit of National hero Osman Batur will live with people of East Turkestan forever.