Commemoration Ceremony of the East Turkestan Republic in Amsterdam Dam Square

Commemoration Ceremony of the East Turkestan Republic in Amsterdam Dam Square

Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur

A nation that never commemorates its national day is a nation without historical conscience; a nation that has no national day to commemorate is a nation that is destined to be wiped out from history.

On the 12th of November in 1933 and in 1944 respectively, Uyghurs established its independent East Turkestan Republic. These were the times that marked Uyghurs freedom from the Chinese colonization. 12th of November symbolizes the dignity of a nation and the pride of all Uyghur people. Uyghurs in exile all over the world commemorate this day by organizing variety of activities. I regard the commemoration of the day as my duty and pride, and I have been doing so since 23rd of June 2018. It was also the day that I began my solo-protest at Dam Square three years ago.

This year, I organized once more the commemoration ceremony for the third time at Dam Square on 13th of November 2021.

The European Region Director of East Turkestan Government in Exile, Mr. Memtimin Ela, attended the ceremony.

I welcome all Netherland Uyghurs and all other supporters of Uyghur cause to the commemoration ceremony.

The ceremony started at 1 PM. It began with the beautiful East Turkestan national anthem followed by my celebration speech in both Uyghur and Dutch. Akide made it in English. After that, Mr. Mamtimin Ela spoked as well. He emphasized on the message of <Never Again> happening again in East Turkestan in 21st century and urged people around world to break the silence and to take actions to stop the genocide. He warned that if we do not take actions now, the same tragedy could be the fate of all fellow humans in future.

At the last session, Abdusalam Gheni, the president of Yasha Uyghur Association gave a speech followed by a rallying call against Uyghur genocide, against fascist China and call to restore independence of East Turkestan.

Taking this opportunity, I declare the founding of my own organization, SuppurtUyghurs. I will conduct my activities more systematically.