Don’t forget Yarkent massacre

Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur

28 July was one of the worst nightmares for Uyghurs. On the day, 28 July, 2014, Chinese invaders carried out brutal massacre against Uyghurs in Elishku and Hangdi villages, Yerkant ( shache) County, East Turkistan. Yarkent ( shache) was capital of Sayidi Khakanate (1514-1694) which culture, economy and education were highly developed.

urumqi July 5

On the eve of holly Ramadan Eid, 28th July, 2014, Chinese armed police broke in a hall where more than 40 women gathered together and practicing Islamic prayer and shot them all dead. So that, the relatives of those women went to police station for an explanation for this barbaric killings where they were arbitrary rejected and subjected shooting by the police force.

This triggered a civilian protest against police force brutality. For preventing this protest spreading to other regions, Chinese government carried out bloody crackdown and massacre in Elishku, Hangdi, Dongbadg and Kosherik villages by using armed police, army , armed vehicles and helicopters. More than 5000 civilians both protest participants and others were killed and thousands more were arrested.

Although, 59 Protestants and 39 civilians were dead  and 250 more were arrested on government reports, this is only another lie of China’s government to deceive international communities. But witnesses of this massacre claimed that almost all residents within these villages were shot to dead during protest or murdered or imprisoned for life later on. As burying bodies and whole villages  emptied as a result of house to house searching and killing, this official report was not validated.

This report was just same as the reports of Wuhan Virus, fake statistics for hiding China’s government’s hideous crime. Though, during this massacre thousands and thousands innocent Uyghurs were brutality murdered, but, through this massacre, Chinese government portrayed Uyghurs as religious extremists to green lighted their concentration camps and genocide over Uyghurs initiated later that year.

On 28th July , 2016, Germany based Organization of Protection Endangered Nations released an article comparing Tian Anmen Massacre in 1989 and Yaken massacre. In this article, it’s claimed that how Han Chinese feel about Tian Anmen massacre is same how Uyghurs feel about Yaken massacre. Even if whole world chose silence in front of this massacre, Uyghurs never forget thousands and thousands of sisters and brothers killed during this massacre.

Uyghurs believe that China will dearly pay for its crimes, believe that all righteous humans who haven’t lost their conscience will support Uyghurs and their great cause, believe that as if collapse of all communistic totalitarian regimes, the evil Chinese regime will collapse and Uyghurs will regain its independence.

All Uyghurs, especially Uyghurs in exile, will never forget this massacre.

Sources: Free Asia Radio, internet

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