Where is East Turkestan and why does China dare to carry out genocide on the face of world?

East Turkestan renamed by the Chinese as the XinJiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, located in the western part of China and North of Tibet, On October 12, 1949 East Turkestan was occupied by Communist China. Since then, China has been colonizing the region and seeking to exterminate Uyghur identity through series repressive policies.  By worsening mistreatment, institutionalizing discrimination and intensifying assimilation, over 25 million Uyghurs in East Turkestan are currently on verge of extinction. Most international communities and organizations remained silent over this tragic condition of Uyghurs. Some countries have even gone as far as to help China detaining and repatriating Uyghur refugees to China for China’s economic leverage and retaliation.

Some of the atrocities committed by Chinese government against Uyghurs include (but not limited to):

  1. Political re-education camps—an estimated number of more than 3 million Uyghurs have been incarcerated into these camps, more accurately concentration camps, where they are subjected to hunger, rape, inhumane medical experiments, torture, and organ harvesting and brutal murders. Children of these victims have lost their parents and become orphans.
  2. Elimination of Uyghur intelligentsia—Famous Uyghur scholars are imprisoned andexecutedfor teaching religion, culture and history of the Uyghur nation.
  3. Intrusive indoctrination—More than a million Chinese Communist officials have been dispatched to live with local Uyghur families as a sign of the government’s increasingly tightened grip over the private life of the Uyghurs.
  4. Ban on every aspect of religion—a sweeping control has been placed on every aspect of Islam, includingprayers, fasting, Islamic diet, religious texts, interpretations, names, beard and funeral, etc.
  5. Forced abortion of Uyghurs—it’s documented by Chinese Government that over 15 million “illegal births” among Uyghurs have been prevented over the past 60 years.
  6. Organ harvesting of Uyghurs— Uyghur detainees in the Concentration Campsare secretly executed or sedated on a surgeon’s table astheir organs are being removed one by one against their wills and sold in the tightly controlled internal market in China.
  7. Forced marriages and trafficking of Uyghur women—Thousands of young Uyghur women have been forced to marry Chinese men, used as sex slaves or become victims of human trafficking.
  8. Ever-expanding surveillance state—by using such advanced technologies as facial recognition, mandatory collection of DNA samples, retina scans and voice recognition, China has created a total surveillance state in East Turkistan, placing Uyghurs in a state of dreadful fear and irrevocable trauma.
  9. Economic exploitation—all the wealth and property of Uyghurs have almost been confiscated by the Chinese Government, driving them into abject poverty.
  10. Rapidly deteriorated health conditions—Over 46 nuclear tests have been conducted in East Turkestan over the past decades resulting in over 800,000 deaths among Uyghurs, and more than million people suffered from various diseases due to radiation.

In summary, these truths testify the fact that Uyghurs are going through a genocide before eyes of the world. The Uyghurs diaspora communities feel helpless in deep trauma.