Eid or Agony?

Eid or Agony?

Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur

Tomorrow is holly Kurban Eid for all Muslims, but Uyghurs . In contrast to every Muslim celebrates Eid with their parents , relatives and friends, Uyghurs are not even able to talk to their beloved ones and, also, not allowed practicing basic rights of performing payer.

Thousands and thousands of Uyghurs around world have lost contact with their families, neither did I have lost contact with 19 close relatives for more than three years. Despite I wrote letters to Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Stef Blok to demand that the Chinese government provide information on the whereabouts of my family, but I have yet to receive the answers I am searching for.

The genocide elevated during this Kurban festival even further. All Uyghurs including young and old, women and men have been ordered to drink unknown white liquid contained in unlabeled plastic bags which is believed a kind chemicals or biological agents targeted extermination of all Uyghur Muslims.

Uyghurs houses have been sealed with electro welding as an excuse of virus control measurement on the eve of Kurban Eid.

On markets , meats of all kind are banned for selling but pork which is against religious belief. As people are confined in their houses, fruits from the farmers have not been sold and wasted on farmlands.

On this holly day, Uyghurs are being subjected to unimaginable humiliation and genocide. We , Uyghurs, congratulate this holly Eid and , at the same time, call all people and Muslims around world for not forgetting this genocide and standing with right side.