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Why do I protest against China’s regime persistently at Amsterdam Dam square?

whre are my parents

I have lost contact with all my family members in East Turkestan (so called Xinjiang) since 23rd May, 2017. I don’t know if they are alive, dead or in concentration camps or in prison. Although, I have tried by different means, I haven’t been able to reach them.




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The Tragedy Uyghurs Facing Today

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مىنىڭ يازمىلىرىم

About Us

Support Uyghurs are a voluntary group bringing awareness towards the Uyghur holocaust in Xin Jiang, China. We are currently based in The Netherlands, but hope to expand our work to other nations across the European Union. The Uyghur people need your help. How can you support the Uyghurs? You can help bring an end to the Uyghur holocaust, through any of the following steps: