I will be protesting in front of Chinese Consulate in Den Haag, the Netherlands

My name is Abdurehim Gheni, I’m from an area known as East Turkestan (aka Xinjiang).
As a person working in news you most certainly have heard about the Uyghur genocide that’s currently happening in East Turkestan.

Like many of peers, I have not spoken or heard from 19 of my relatives in three years from East Turkestan.
I don’t know whether they are dead or alive, in prison or concentration camps like millions of my people.
A simple phone call to then would be answered with definitive prison time for them

I have tried every means possible to contact them. These include: writing letters to King Willem-Alexander and the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affaires, urging them to inquire from Chinese Embassy the whereabouts of my family members through diplomatic channels.

Later, I provided detailed information on my family members including names, addresses and ID numbers as requested by the Chinese Embassy.
The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed me that they have yet to receive any reply from Chinese Embassy and they can’t put pressure on this issue.
This is the reason I will be protesting in front of the Chinese Consulate in Den Haag, the Netherlands
On the 12th, 13th and 14th of August to demand them giving information about my parents and family members.
I’ve been protesting peacefully every week at Dam Square for the past few years where I’ve talked to numerous people that are now supporting the cause. Including recently the American Ambassador Pete Hoekstra.

If any journalist are interested in covering this protest, please feel free to contact me or my associates

The Adres of the Chinese embassy where I’ll be from 9-12 am from the 12th of August on is : Willem Lodewijklaan 10, 2517 JT Den Haag

contact data:
Abdurehim Gheni
Zareen Hussain
+31639 27 77 79