I would like to express my gratitude to the delegates of those countries who condemn Chinese genocide against Uyghurs

Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur

October 06,  this year 39 countries led by democratic western nations condemned Chinese oppression over Uyghurs. They responded this unprecedented genocide with righteousness. They rejected economic benefits and support the justice.

As an activist, I am grateful for those 39 countries on behalf of my 19 missing family members and more than 8 million people locked up in concentration camps. It proves that solidarity of humans and conscience are still exist. All people in occupied East Turkestan ( Aka Xinjiang) would be thankful for these countries and the support give them grate courage and hope; when Uyghur people hear this noble voices, they would feel they are not forgotten and alone.

Same time, I denounce those countries which support Chinese genocide against Uyghurs just for economic benefits. I am never surprised by despicable regimes like Cubas, North Korea or Venezuela supported China as they are practicing totalitarian regime themselves. But it’s shame for those Islamic countries bending their knees to Chinese government instead of God, listening Chinese word instead of God’s teachings, abandoning Uyghur Muslims and supporting evil Chinese regime.

At the end, I pray for Uyghurs who haven’t lost their souls of faith and keeping their identity through 70 years’ of assimilation, systemic discrimination, state terrorism and genocide. World deserve to know how righteous and brave the Uyghurs are.