Why do I protest against China’s regime persistently at Amsterdam Dam square?

I have lost contact with all my family members in East Turkestan (so called Xinjiang) since 23rd May, 2017. I don’t know if they are alive, dead or in concentration camps or in prison. Although, I have tried by different means, I haven’t been able to reach them. Since 2014, China’s government have built up concentration camps in East Turkestan and locked up more than 3 million Uyghur and other Turkic nations, these people have been being subjected to inhuman torture, humiliation, and death and becoming source of live organ trade. If I was in Eat Turkestan, I would be sent to one of these concentration camps, tortured, used for organ trade, even already died. I would be deprived of every basic human rights. God saved me from that. So that, to fulfill my obligation and duty to save my nation, I have protested against China’s regime on every weekend since 23rd, June, 2018 and become the voice of voiceless people and try to fulfill my duty.

What’s happening in concentration camps?

Many inhuman treatment taken place in concentration camps:
1, Force Uyghur people to abandon Islam, force them subjugate beliefs to China’s communist regime, force them to eat pork.
2, almost all scholars and university professors have been tortured, sentenced to life prison, tortured to die or secretly murdered. It’s been confirmed multiple deaths of religious and public figures and university high rank principles and most of them given life sentences.
3, women and girls are subjected sexual abuse, forced to marry Han Chinese at the stake of their family members, and others are given unknown drugs which causes infertility of girls. It is also known that the detainees are forced to have kind of white tablets daily. Some scholars suspect that these drugs has effect of leading menopause for women and male sexual malfunction, and also some suspect that is it for mind control as some released detainees have shown psychological abnormalities like autism and cerebral palsy, madness. 4, forced labor is common for all detainees. It’s been confirmed by western reporters.
5, child camps have been built for those children whom both parents have been detained or disappeared. These Children are educated as Han Chinese, taught to hate religion, become ready source of organ transplantation, and even have been used for sex trade.

Why world doesn’t take action against this genocide?

Every countries has strong economic tie with China and it is well recognized that China is always ready to retaliate any countries or organizations by using it is economic power. So many countries choose silence towards this oppression and genocide.
When were these camps set up? When was it started?
Chinese assimilation targeted Uyghur people had long been carried out slow pace and had mainly been conducted through banning Uyghur language at schools and sentencing and executing top dissidents who were discontent with government policies. However, Chinese government implemented mass detention of Uyghur and other Turkic people in East Turkestan in concentration camps since early 2017 and denied Uyghur cultures, religious belief, language, masterpieces, history and historical figures as well as defined Islam is a heresy. It followed by mass detention of Uyghur and other Turkic people in East Turkestan including public figures and religious leaders such as headmasters, university professors, religious figures, writers, business pioneers, high school teachers, mane but few. Till this day, the known number of most famous professors and public figures is 386, it is only from leaked information through social media. Some of them were tortured or humiliated to die. As media is totally controlled, we don’t have access for exact number but the number of people got killed in concentration camps are considerable, The Muhammad Salih who translated Quran to Uyghur language was one of them.