Never forget Shaoguan Massacre Over Uyghurs

Never forget Shaoguan Massacre Over Uyghurs

The Shaoguan massacre took place overnight on 25/26 June 2009 in Guangdong province, China. Hundreds of Uyghur slave laborers work at a toy factory were violently attacked by thousands of Han workers over false allegation. Even though official report says two Uyghurs were dead and hundreds more injured after attacked viciously by thousands of Han Chinese, evidences show the casualties were much more higher than that.

The massacre was widely acknowledged as a trigger of Urumqi protest, which was a peaceful street protest ended up bloody crackdown by Chinese military forces.

This how Chinese government and Han Chinese people treat Uyghurs after occupation of East Turkestan.


(Uyghur man who was killed by Han Chinese in the shaoguan factory in Guangdong 2009)

Shaoguan Massacre Over Uyghurs

(Han Chinese factory workers killing Uyghurs in the factory  in Guangdogn 2009)

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Edited by Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur
Translated by Uyghur Support Group