Never forget the Urumqi massacre

11 years ago today 05-07-2009, thousands of university students went on streets for peaceful demonstration after dozens of Uyghur workers were brutally killed by hundreds of thousands of Chinese and bodies were piled up in Shaoguan, Guangdong, China. It turned out to be a bloodbath, Chinese armed forces and army killed thousands of teenagers brutally by using guns and armed vehicles. More than 20 thousand teenagers were sentenced lifelong prisons and given capital punishment. This kind of brutal mass murders have been conducted by Chinese government since it occupied independent East Turkestan. Every 10-15 years, Chinese arrest and murder top Uyghur intellectuals and leading scientists to leave Uyghur nation uneducated and uncensored of ongoing genocide.

This close genocide have evolved into open mass murder in the form of concentration camps where more than 3 million Uighur people are being detained, including women, elderly and children right at this moment. I protest against this genocide to raise awareness of outside world to stop this before it is too late. May the victimized ones rest in peace and the rest will be soon liberated!

A local woman on a crutch shouts at Chinese paramilitary police wearing riot gear as a crowd of angry locals confront security forces on a street in the city of Urumqi in China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region July 7, 2009. Hundreds of Uighur protesters clashed with riot police in the capital of China’s Muslim region of Xinjiang on Tuesday, two days after ethnic unrest left 156 dead and more than 800 injured. REUTERS/David Gray (CHINA CONFLICT MILITARY POLITICS RELIGION IMAGES OF THE DAY) – RTR25E1D