Refutation of the disgusting Chinese government statement regarding the Uighur Act passed by the U.S. House

East Turkestan have never been a part of China. East Turkestan is an occupied nation by China. The fight between Chinese government and Uighurs are the fight between the colonist and colonized. China have built the most brutal, most evil and massive concentration camps in occupied East Turkestan in front of the whole world in the 21st century. China have devastated the basic international human rights laws and are conducting an open genocide on East Turkestan. China continued the massacre in stronger way by ignoring the call by the United Nations on closing the concentration camps and free the innocent people. The Uighur problem cannot be the internal affairs of the Chinese government, it is an international crisis. Uighurs see the problem as a struggle to take back their occupied homeland and do not see the problem as human right abuse only. There were never exist terrorism or violence in East Turkestan. If there is a terror, then that is the Chinese state terror to destroy Uighurs in the most brutal ways.

The Uighur act passed by the U.S. House is the first step to stop China state terror on Uighurs. The Uighur Act gave the best spiritual power to Uighurs. We express our most sincere appreciation to the people and the government of the United States of America.

The puppet regional chair Shohret Zakir and Abdushukur Damolla are boneless animals that have made betraying to their own people as their life norms. Their lie of saying the concentration camps as “vocational training center” will not help China stay away from being accountable for the crimes conducted against the humanity. Based on Confucius idea of “Non-my family, its heart must be different”, non- Chinese are always seen as enemy by China. The life sentence of the former regional puppet chair Nur Bekri proves this point.

The lady in this picture is Aygul Sultan at the age of 53 is a former worker of Onsu middle school before locked in concentration camp. This is the picture after the so called “vocational training center”. How can we image the 3 million innocent people locked up in the concentration center? They are being brutally killed, organs are being harvested, women are being sexually abused, raped and forcefully sterilized.

China killed the prominent Uighur scholar Muhammed Damollam and other Uighur intellectuals! What is their crime? Powerless people are seen “criminals” in front of the powerful, China treats non-Chinese as “criminals” forever.  

Death is better than being slave. Long live independence.