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Chinese government, Where are my 19 family members?!
- Abdurehim Gheni

Support uyghurs foundation

Abdurehim Gheni, founder of the Support Uyghur Foundation, has been demonstrating alone since 2018 after his 19 family members went missing during the Chinese Uyghur Genocide. He established the Uyghur Support Foundation with supporters to aid the Uyghur community.

Uyghur genocide


Uyghurs in Concentration Camps


Mosques Destroyed in East Turkestan

Way to Support Uyghurs

Supporting the Uyghur people and preventing genocide requires a combination of raising awareness, political action, and supporting organizations that are working on this issue. Here are some steps you can take to support:

Raise awareness

Share information about the Uyghur crisis with friends, family, and on social media to increase pressure on governments and international organizations to act.

Educate yourself

Learn Uyghur history, culture, and East Turkistan’s current situation to discuss and advocate more effectively.

Contact your representatives

Contact government reps, voice Uyghur concern, urge action on rights protection.

Support organizations

Donate to or volunteer with organizations that are working to help the Uyghur community.

Boycott products

Identify China-made products, especially from East Turkestan ( Aka Xinjiang ), using forced Uyghur labor, and boycott them to oppose exploitation.

Attend or organize protests

Join local protests and rallies to support Uyghurs. If none are taking place in your area, consider organizing one yourself to raise awareness and show solidarity.

Advocate for sanctions

Encourage your government to impose sanctions on Chinese officials responsible for human rights abuses in Xinjiang. Sanctions can include travel bans, asset freezes, and business restrictions.

Support Uyghur refugees

Promote Uyghur refugee acceptance, aid, and local integration support.

Remember that change often takes time and perseverance!

By consistently advocating for the Uyghur people and supporting organizations working on their behalf, you can contribute to the global effort to end the genocide and improve the lives of the Uyghur community.

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